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I've been experimenting more with poses for the CGs lately, but still they're not as flowing as I'd like. After "finishing" Lyric's picture today, I sat around and sketched 5 pics:
A nice pic of Melanie, an okay pic of Kim, a terrible Crys, and a so-so Alex. After that, I managed to pull off a great pic of Jess.

Jessica's always been hard for me to draw. At first, her CDs were just terrible. I never liked any of them.

Her most recent CD is as simple as I'd like, but is tricky in its simplicity. 2/25, I made my first successful CG of it, but failed horribly on 3/11. I later tried on 5/23, but that is more of a special effect picture, lacking in her typical quietness.

Today, my sketching really seems to have captured her serenity.

Every so often, I try to draw with brown (or red or blue, etc.), rather than black lines. Sometimes, it turns out well. This was one of those times. :}

One of the things that makes Jess' CD different for me to draw is that her hair hangs over her ears. Typically, I don't do that...

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