Fred learns to do research before it's needed, not after 

I uh...screwed up again.

The Baby card picture is finished. Again.

I threw it onto my SmartMedia card and trundled off to the camera shop. They printed it out and cut off the important words at the top (as well as the sides and unimportant bottom). I was also very unhappy with the jaggy lines, so I decided to redraw it, bumping up the resolution in the process.

Except that I went too far.

Thinking that...oh, it's about 2 Megapixels, I should double the size for 4MP...but wait, why not 8? Let's double it me a resolution of 6400 x 4800.

So, I draw the picture again and try to figure out how large to throw it onto the SmartMedia card again.

Wait a full size but medium compression, it's gonna be 1824 kilobytes? Something's wrong.

Yep. Quick search reveals: Megapixel Image Comparison which confirms my suspicions. Simple math would tell you that doubling the MP doesn't mean doubling the size of the image!

5MP is 2592 x 1944 (or 2560 x 1920, depending). That's 40% of my working size. >_<;;; Ugh....argh...

Well...maybe it's better to work at least 2x the used size. 1:1 is definitely not a good idea. (But this was supposed to be a quick project.)

The problem is that suddenly, I'm going to print it out at about A4 size, not normal photo size. 

Posted: 土 - 10月 15, 2005 at 11:38 午後