Fred finds things he'd forgotten about 


Yesterday's WWWH update made me look through it, and hit myself about how awful Melanie's bio pic is. So, I made a new one. Then, I noticed that uh...I've had a new bio pic for her sitting around since Feb. Along with Atéo's. So...I'd forgotten about them. >_<

Currently, I'm scanning my CD/CC envelope, which I ought to have done ages ago.

Thing is, I never designed the sheets for scanning. That is, there are scribbled notes all over the page, when a more compact layout woulda been nicer. Makes sense, though, that I should scan them...I can't keep lugging around my fragile masters to different places. The envelopes are beaten up, especially around the corners. 

Posted: 水 - 10月 19, 2005 at 02:18 午後