A new CD! 

Fred makes another baby step 

This week, I've had it planned to draw a CG of Kate. No sweat. Except...I actually didn't have a CD for Kate. So, I sat down and drew a couple sketches and figured I'd got it. Kate needs a very conservative CD, so I wrestled with different styles of bangs and things, eventually going too far with very long bangs and eventually giving up and poking into my downloaded art folders for inspiration. At some point, I decided to not show her ears, which is not how I usually draw.

I like Mike 156's art, so I scrolled through, opening up pictures with calm hairstyles and happened up 30kp.JPG, which has kind of a bandy hairstyle. So, I used that as a template and there we are. We'll see what you think come Friday. I've almost coloured it. 

Posted: 火 - 11月 15, 2005 at 10:58 午後