Based on a true person...

Fred tries to draw what he sees

I saw a girl wearing a brown shirt over a kind of dress shirt thing at Chili's one night. I thought it looked nice, so I wanted to draw it. But I didn't get a chance for 3 weeks.'s my attempt, which I finally cranked out in a couple minutes today. What is it, a 20 minute sketch?
I'm really not sure how it looked so much anymore...but I think it was something like that. Kain practically always wears dress shirts, so she gets to be my model. :P

Being unsure if I should have the white shirt's sleeves rolled up or not, I decided to do one of each, which totally doesn't work. ;)

Meanwhile, looking back at my last picture of her (for Thanksgiving), I'm appalled by it. >_<

Posted: 月 - 1月 16, 2006 at 11:06 εˆε‰