A new era

Fred buys a new tablet

I am now the proud owner of a Wacom Favo Bluetooth. This is the same as the Wacom Graphire Bluetooth except that the bundle is different: it has truly lousy software, no mouse, and a Bluetooth USB adapter. My PowerBook doesn't need external Bluetooth and I could really use the mouse, but I went with the Favo anyway. I notice that the Favo doesn't say Favo on it. Anywhere. O_O

Good news; I can use my old Graphire mouse with the Favo. However, I now know why my Graphire is so horribly scratched up. The mouse did it. Luckily, I had the foresight to keep the clear plastic shipping sheet for the Favo and put that on top of the tablet so my mouse can scratch the hell out of that instead of the tablet itself. :D

Going from a 4" x 5" (A6) tablet to a 6" x 8" (A5) tablet is quite a jump. I played around last night and found my line work is very different now, sometimes in a good way, as I have more fine control, but also in a bad way as long strokes are now even longer, which means they are also shakier for me. :| But, I'll keep practicing. Maybe I'll be able to produce something for next week..?

Since the FDN: CGA gallery picture on 98/07/24 Is the first to say I used Painter Classic instead of photoshop, that leads me to believe I got my original Graphire tablet at about that time. But I don't know for certain because the Page Notes page for that timeframe (#3) is missing. Of course, it's the only one missing, too.

Posted: 土 - 6月 10, 2006 at 09:38 午前