Updated January 6, 2004
Imports are italicized.
18 Wheeler American Pro Trucker  DC
3x3 Eyes Sanjiyan Hensei  PCE 
3x3 Eyes  SG 
Ace Combat 2  PSX 
Ace Combat 3: Electrosphere  PSX 
Actraiser  SNES 
Advanced VG  PCE 
Advanced VG  SS 
Aero Blasters  PCE 
Air Buster  SG 
Aladdin  SG 
Albert Odyssey the Legend of Eldean  SS 
Alicia Dragoon  SG 
Alien Crush  PCE 
Alien Front Online  DC
Alone in the Dark 4  DC
Alundra  PSX 
Alundra 2  PSX 
Ape Escape  PSX 
Arc the Lad Collection  PSX 
Arcana  SNES 
Arcus Odyssey  SG 
Armored Core 
Not quite as fun as it used to still has its moments.  Especially when you try to turn 180º because an enemy is shooting your butt. Ah, slow...
Armored Core: Master of Arena
Nifty how it reads saves from the original. I wish you could temporarily buy parts during 2p duels. Maybe it's just me but when I need to get a new part, I sell the old one for cash.
Army Men: Sarge's Heroes 2  PSX 
Arrow Flash  SG 
Art of Fighting, The  PCE 
Assault Suit Leynos 2  SS 
Astal  SS 
Atari Anniversary
Wasn't the point of these old games to let challenge people for the top score? So, er...what genius decided to not implement score saving? You deserve a trophy.

Asteroids - Didn't play yet.

Asteroids Deluxe - Didn't play yet.

Battlezone - Didn't play yet.

Centipede - I die quickly. Or was that Millipede?

Crystal Castles - That is one speedy bear. Fun yes, easy, no. Must...get...magic hat!

Gravitar - The gravity is pretty cool, but the graphics are toooooooo tiny. Even with cabinet off, the ships were shooting pixels at each other. Good god, if the TV wasn't as sharp as it was, we wouldn't have seen a thing!

Millipede - I die quickly. Or was that Centipede?

Missile Command - This was my first time playing! I didn't realise it actually had THREE buttons! Whoo! Look at the firepower! As you can imagine, I wasn't very good at it. I didn't understand that we weren't supposed to hit the actual missiles, but use pre-emptive strikes and splash damage.

Pong - This game is impossible! We spent most of our time trying to return the freaking serve! Need paddles, I guess. And the white graphics really bleed!

Super Breakout - Almost as hard as Pong. :P Well, nah...not THAT hard.

Tempest - Didn't play yet.

Warlords - This is the greatest game ever. Put 4 people in front of a TV and watch the fireballs fly. We spent most of our time on this one game. Stupid blue castle.

Azure Dreams  PSX 
Baldur's Gate: Dark Alliance  XB 
Bangai-O  DC
Battle Arena Toshinden URA  SS 
Battletoads  NES 
Beyond Oasis  SG 
Beyond the Beyond  PSX 
Black Matrix  SS 
Blades of Vengeance  SG 
Blaster Master Blasting Again  PSX 
Blazing Heroes  SS 
Blood Omen: Legacy of Kain  PSX 
Well, the tutorial is nice. But...holy bounce, Bat-man!

The game is kinda confusing...where to go next is always a challenge. I guess it's interesting level design? Although I'm sad that Rayne can't drink blood from all enemies.

Bloody Roar  PSX 
Blue Stinger  DC
Board Game: Top Shop  PSX 
Body Harvest  N64 
Bomberman  PCE 
Bomberman '94  PCE 
Bomberman Online  DC
Bomberman Party Edition  PSX 
Bonk's Adventure  PCE 
Bonk's Revenge  PCE 
Boxyboy  PCE 
Brandish  SNES 
Brandish PCE 
Brave Fencer Musashi  PSX 
Breath of Fire  SNES 
Breath of Fire III  PSX 
Breath of Fire IV  PSX 
Brigandine  PSX 
Browning PCE 
Burai II  PCE 
Burning Rangers  SS 
Bushido Blade  PSX 
Bushido Blade 2  PSX 
Bust a Move 2  SS 
Bust a Move 4  DC
Cacoma Knight in Bizyland  SNES
Cannon Spike  DC
Capcom VS SNK  DC
Capcom VS SNK 2 
46-ish characters. But the character select is so cramped it doesn't look like that many and you spend so much time trying to figure out who's who. The new characters are cool. The redrawn SNKers are cool. The SF3 and CPS2 capcom characters are not. So sad to see the SF3ers missing so many frames. Ah, well. The various character portraits are beautiful, too. Although the Capcom style looks weird now.

6 grooves means you're sure to find something you like, unless you're unhappy with C but want air blocking. Hmm.

A nicely technical game, they take away points for poor playing. :P Woah!

It has the coolest overall presentation of any Cacpom fighter yet!

Is it fair that the sword-wielding swords?

Carrier  DC
Castlevania  NES 
Castlevania Chronicles  PSX 
Castlevania Dracula X  SNES 
Castlevania Symphony of the Night  PSX 
Center Ring Boxing  SS 
Christmas NiGHTS  SS 
Chocobo's Mysterious Dungeon II  PSX 
Chrono Cross  PSX 
ChronoTrigger  SNES 
Chu Chu Rocket  DC
Cliffhanger  SG 
Clock Tower  PSX 
Clock Tower II: The Struggle Within  PSX 
Clockwork Knight
A fun, imaginative game. Challenging, too.
Coaster Works  DC
Conker's Bad Fur Day  N64 
Contender  PSX 
Contender 2  PSX 
Contra  NES 
Contra Hard Corps  SG 
Corpse Killer  SG 
Cosmic Fantasy 2  PCE 
Cosmic Fantasy 2 Adventure Boy Van  PCE 
Cosmic Fantasy 3 Adventure Boy Rei  PCE 
Cosmic Fantasy 4 Chapter 2: Universe Boy  PCE 
Cosmic Fantasy 4 Chpter 1  PCE 
Cosmic Fantasy Adventure Boy Yuu  PCE 
Cosmic Fantasy Stories  SG 
Cosmic Fantasy Visual Collection  PCE 
Cotton 2 SS 
Cotton Fantastic Night Dreams  PCE 
Crazy Taxi 
Still fun after all these years. I still have those high scores to beat! GAH!
Crazy Taxi 2  DC
Crazy Taxi 3 High Roller
Nice that they included the first two games "for free." But eh...they changed 'em! They didn't have groups in the real #1! I hope they didn't add jumps, too.

#1 - They changed the voices, the highway, and some ramps are gone. I'm very disappointed. They also took out the Another City and the DC downloads. Obviously, I'm expecting a lot from this game because it's the flagship! So sad.
#2 - Seems about the same except for the night-time change. Also no second city. Bah. I thought this would be a definitive game collection. Instead, it defines crap.
#3 - Long stretches of boring canyon and major horrendous slowdown? Where can I not sign up?!

What else? The Crazy Dash is HARD to do on the xb controller. It's so bad at controlling, we might as well call it an anti-controller.

Overall, this is a piece of crap. Get a DC. Get the real 1 & 2. Ignore 3. Be happy.

Crystalis  NES 
Cybernator  SNES 
D 2  DC
Danger Girl  PSX 
Darius Gaiden  SS 
Darius Plus PCE 
Dark Legend  SS 
Darkstalkers  SS 
Dark Summit  XB 
Dark Wizard  SG 
Dave Mirra Freestyle BMX  DC
Daytona USA  SS 
Daytona USA  DC
Dead or Alive  PSX 
Dead or Alive  SS 
Dead or Alive LE  SS 
Dead or Alive 2  DC
Dead or Alive 2 LE  DC
Dead or Alive 3
Although it looks pretty much like the DC version, the new characters are what makes it new. Christie fights like you'd expect a spy to fight. Hitomi takes over for Ein (until you unlock him) and Brad does everyone's favourite 'where is he attacking from?! style.

I'm pretty sure the series wouldn't be as popular as it is now if they hadn't ramped up the counter strength so high in #2. :\

And what's with Jan Lee? He's less cool every game.

I've also become mysteriously good with Gen-Fu.

Dead or Alive: Xtreme Beach Volleyball  XB 
Dead to Rights  XB 
Deadly Arts  N64 
Decathlete  SS 
DecAthlete  SS 
Deception III  PSX 
Destrega  PSX 
Die Hard Arcade  SS 
Dino Crisis  DC
Dino Crisis 2  PSX 
Dive Alert: Becky's Version  NGPC 
Dracula X Rondo of Blood  PCE 
Dracula X Nocturne in the Moonlight  SS 
Dragon Force  SS 
Dragon Valor  PSX 
Dragon Warrior  NES 
Dragon Warrior II  NES 
Dragon Warrior IV  NES 
Dragon Warrior VII  PSX 
Dr. Mario 64  N64 
Duck Hunt  NES 
Duck Tales  NES 
Dungeon Explorer II  PCE 
Dungeon Master Theron's Quest  PCE 
Dungeons & Dragons Collection  SS 
Dynamite Cop  DC
Dynasty Warriors  PSX 
Earnest Evans  SG 
Earnest Evans  SG 
Earthbound  SNES 
Ecco the Dolphin  DC
Ecco the Dolphin  SG 
Ecco the Dolphin: The Tides of Time  SG 
Ecco Jr.  SG 
Echo Night  PSX 
Efera & Jiliora  PCE 
Ehrgeiz  PSX 
Einhänder  PSX 
El. Viento  SG 
Elemental Gearbolt  PSX 
Elemental Gimmick Gear  DC
Enclave  XB 
Enemy Zero  SS 
Eternal Champions Challenge from the Dark Side  SG 
Eternal Darkness  GC 
Eternal Eyes  PSX 
Evil Zone  PSX 
Evolution  DC
Evolution 2  DC
Evolution Worlds  GC 
Exile  PCE 
Exile Wicked Phenomenon  PCE 
F355 Challenge Passione Rossa  DC
Fahrenheit  SG 
Far East of Eden II Manji Maju  PCE 
Far East of Eden Kabuki Den  PCE 
Far East of Eden Ziria  PCE 
Fatal Frame  XB 
Fatal Fury 2  PCE 
Fatal Fury Special  PCE 
Fear Effect  PSX 
Fear Effect 2 Retro Helix  PSX 
Felony 11-79  PSX 
FIFA 97 soccer  SS 
Fighters Megamix  SS 
Fighting Force  PSX 
Fighting Vipers  SS 
Final Fantasy  NES 
Final Fantasy II  SNES 
Final Fantasy III  SNES 
Final Fantasy Origins 
Wow, the loading times aren't as horrible as expected! I wonder why they don't have the original version on here, instead of the SFC version. :P

And man, this is a tough game! Not really hard but it takes getting used to having to run back to church and paying suggested donations to revive members, or paying to save. Whew!

Good old Square, trying to make a quick buck. Ah, the title screen is even hastily pasted together. The white behind the title isn't even the same white as the rest of the screen. Bah.

Final Fantasy Tactics  PSX 
Final Fantasy VII  PSX 
Final Fantasy IX  PSX 
Final Fight 2 SNES 
Final Fight 3  SNES 
Final Fight CD  SG 
Final Zone  SG 
Flash Hiders  PCE 
Flashback The Quest for Identity  SG 
Floigan Brothers  DC
Front Mission 3  PSX 
Fray CD  PCE 
Fur Fighters  DC
Gaiares  SG 
Gain Ground  SG 
Galactic Attack  SS 
Galaga  PSX 
Galaxy Fight  SS 
Galerians  PSX 
Gals Fighters NGPC
Garfield Caught in the Act  SG 
Garou: Mark of the Wolves  DC
Gate of Thunder  PCE 
Gauntlet Legends  DC
G Darius  PSX 
Genma Onimusha  XB 
Ghost in the Shell  PSX 
Giga Wing  DC
Giga Wing 2  DC
Golden Axe  SG 
Golden Axe II  SG 
Golden Axe: The Duel  SS 
Gradius III  SNES 
Gran Turismo  PSX 
Grandia SS 
Grandia  PSX 
Grandia II  DC
Granstream Saga  PSX 
Guardian Heroes  SS 
Guardian's Crusade  PSX 
Guilty Gear  PSX 
Guilty Gear X  DC
Gunbird SS 
GunBird 2  DC
Gunbuster Vol1  PCE 
Gunstar Heroes  SG 
Gunvalkyrie  XB 
Harvest Moon 64  N64 
Harvest Moon: Back to Nature  PSX 
Heavy Metal: Geomatrix  DC
Heavy Metal: Geomatrix DC
Herc's Adventures  SS 
Hoshigami: Ruining Blue Earth  PSX 
Human Sports Festival  PCE 
Hunter: The Reckoning  XB 
Hybrid Heaven  N64 
Not as amusing as Radiant Silvergun, but what is? Surrounded by shots? Don't panic!
Illbleed  DC
Illusion of Gaia  SNES 
Incredible Crisis  PSX 
Industrial Spy  DC
International Track and Field  PSX 
Iron Storm  SS 
Jade Cocoon  PSX 
James Bond Jr.  SNES 
J.B. Harold Murder Club  PCE 
Jet Force Gemini  N64 
Jet Grind Radio  DC
Jet Set Radio Future  XB 
Jojo's Bizarre Adventure  DC
Kagero: Deception 2  PSX 
Kao the Kangeroo  DC
Kartia: The Word of Fate  PSX 
Keio Flying Squadron  SG 
Keiou Yuugekitai: Katsugekihen  SS 
Kendo Rage  SNES 
Kensei: Sacred Fist  PSX 
King of Fighters: Dream Match '99  DC
King of Fighters R-2  NGPC 
King of Fighters Evolution
Wow, 33 characters. It doesn't look like anywhere near that many on the character select screen. o_O
Another SNK game that doesn't honour the VGA box. :( I wish I could draw in SNK style. And this game kicks my butt 'cause I'm not used to any of the characters.
Klonoa - Door to Phantomile  PSX 
Koudelka  PSX 
Last Blade 2
I rather like the general atmosphere of the game. The fighting system doesn't seem terribly different one way or another but it's very stylish overall. It would be nice if the game wasn't censored. It looks weird to beat an enemy, have them bounce on the ground, then poof into white?

The 3 sword types are pretty nifty, too. I've had the game for a while but really haven't played much because it doesn't support the VGA box. D'oh...

17 characters. It doesn't appear to be that many, because of how the screen is laid out. (Also a couple hidden chars.)

The way the health bar is handled is unsettling at first. The fact that the characters get up a little after the first round is a nice touch. (Although in armed combat, rather unlikely.)

Last Bronx  SS 
Legacy of Kain: Soul Reaver  DC
Legend of a Fantasm Soldier Valis, The  PCE 
Legend of Dragoon  PSX 
Legend of Heroes Dragon Slayer, The  PCE 
Legend of Legaia  PSX 
Legend of Mana  PSX 
Legend of Oasis  SS 
Legend of Xanadu  PCE 
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time  N64 
Legend of Zelda: Ocarina of Time  GC 
Legend of Zelda: Majora's Mask  N64 
Lemmings & Oh no! More Lemmings  PSX 
Lethal Enforcers  SG 
Light Crusader  SG 
Lightening Force Quest for the Darkstar  SG 
Little Nemo the Dream Master  NES 
Loom  PCE 
Looney Tunes Space Race  DC
Lords of Thunder  PCE 
Lost Kingdoms  GC 
Lunar: Eternal Blue  SG 
Lunar: the Silver Star  SG 
Lunar: Silver Star Story Complete  PSX 
Lunar 2: Eternal Blue Complete  PSX 
Magic Knight Rayearth  SS 
Magical Chase  PCE 
Maken-X  DC
Mars Matrix  DC
Mario Kart 64  N64 
Martial Champion  PCE 
Marvel Super Heroes  SS 
Marvel Super Heroes VS Street Fighter  SS 
Marvel VS Capcom  DC
Marvel VS Capcom 2
56 characters and it rather does look like a ton. Capcom musta had a great time throwing in all those new characters.

Spastic fun.

Why the soft jazz, though?

Master of Monsters: Disciples of Gaia  PSX 
Mat Hoffman's Pro BMX  DC
McDonald's Treasureland Adventure  SG 
Medal of Honor  PSX 
Medal of Honor Frontline
Having played the first two levels, I feel so bored. This is the most boring of the MoH games I've played. The Omaha beach thing was cool at first, but then the NPCs are just respawning in the sea and running up to get shot. The submarine is kinda bleah. And what's with the AI? The enemies barely hide behind things. You just shoot them as they stand there. I feel like I'm playing a light-gun game but can move around and er, don't have a light gun. The enemies don't seem to move very much. :\
Medal of Honor Underground  PSX 
MegaMan Legends  PSX 
Megaman Legends 2  PSX 
Metal Gear  NES 
Metal Gear  NES 
Metal Gear Solid  PSX 
Metal Gear Solid: VR Missions  PSX 
Metal Gear Solid 2: Substance  XB 
Metal Slug: 1st Mission  NGPC 
Metal Slug: 2nd Mission  NGPC 
Metal Slug X
Having played this, I have to agree with Kokuza Hokuten on GameFAQs. This is a horrid translation. Where's the beautiful animation? I fully blame this on the psx's incredible RAM. Why must we be tortured with 2D on psx? And WHY do people buy the crap?!
Metropolis Street Racer  DC
Mickey's Speedway USA  N64 
Midway's Greatest Arcade Hits Vol 2  DC
Misadventures of Tron Bonne  PSX 
Mischief Makers  N64 
Monster Maker  PCE 
Monster Rancher  PSX 
Monster Rancher 2  PSX 
Mr. Driller  SG 
Ms. Pacman Maze Madness
Multiplayer games are pretty fun and simple. But the Quest mode seems to get boring rather quickly.
Mystical Ninja starring Goemon  N64 
Nariagari Trendy Suguroku '92  PCE 
NBA Hoopz  DC
NBA Showtime: NBA on NBC  DC
Next Tetris  DC
NHL 97  SS 
Nectaris: Military Madness  PSX 
Night Trap  SG 
NiGHTS into Dreams  SS 
Ninja Spirit  PCE 
Oddworld: Abe's Exoddus  PSX 
Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee  PSX 
Oddworld: Munch's Oddysee  XB 
Ogre Battle  PSX 
Ogre Battle  SNES 
Ogre Battle 64  N64 
Omega Boost  PSX 
One Piece Mansion  PSX 
Ooga Booga
They shoulda put a warning that everything is locked when you first start. We jumped into multiplayer and found nothing to do, so I had to sit around and unlock stuff before the game actually had game to it.

It's pretty fun. We made the mistake of playing this before Poy Poy, so poor Poy Poy.

I can just imagine how hectic it is 4P. Good old DC.

Still haven't got more than 2P yet. :\ Still fun, although I guess it's not as pick-up-able as I thought?

Outtrigger  DC
Overblood  PSX 
Panzer Dragoon Orta 
Pretty pictures. Fun. HARD. I feel like playing Virtua Cop 2!

I should read the manual to understand the 3 dragon types. Wish I had the first two games. :\

Panzer Dragoon Saga  SS 
Paper Mario  N64 
Parasite Eve  PSX 
Parasite Eve II  PSX 
Parasol Stars the Story of Bubble Bobble III  PCE 
Peace Keepers, The  SNES 
Penpen Triicelon  DC
Perfect Dark  N64 
Persona  PSX 
Persona 2: Eternal Punishment  PSX 
Phantasy Star III  SG 
Phantasy Star IV  SG 
Phantasy Star Online  DC
Phantasy Star Online Episode I & II  GC 
Phantasy Star Online Ver.2  DC
Phelios  SG 
Pikmin  GC 
Plasma Sword  DC
Plucky's Big Adventure  PSX 
Pocket Fighter SS 
Pocky & Rocky  SNES 
Point Blank 3  PSX 
Popful Mail  SG 
Power Stone  DC
Power Stone 2  DC
Poy Poy 
What sparse menus! What slow-moving characters!
Ah, one of Konami's oldest psx titles. I'd heard a lot of good things about it. I wonder if stuff is locked here to start, too. (We played Ooga Booga first. Whoops!)
Prince of Persia  PCE 
Princess Crown  SS 
Project Horned Owl  PSX 
Project Justice  DC
Psychic Force  PSX 
Psychic Force 2012  DC
Puyo Puyo 2  SS 
Puyo Puyon  DC
Puzzle Star Sweep
This game doesn't seem to be that interesting. Maybe it's better once I get more into it. But for now, it's very simple matching.
R*Type Complete PCE 
Radiant Silvergun SS 
Rainbow Cotton DC
Ralli Sport Challenge
It's fun. Especially being able to hurtle off cliffs and into trees. I like how the suspension works. I was surprised the in-car camera isn't in the driver's side but if it was, that would throw the player off. I wish the manual told you how things were unlocked.
Ranger-X  SG 
Ranma 1/2  SNES 
Ranma 1/2  PCE 
Ranma 1/2 2  PCE 
Ranma 1/2 3  PCE 
Rayman 2  DC
Weren't the other games in the series 2P?! Aw...So far, seems pretty simple for a shooter. But the screen layout's pretty cool.
Raystorm  PSX 
Record of Lodoss War  PCE 
Record of Lodoss War: The Advent of Kardiss  DC
Record of Lodoss War 2  PCE 
Rescue Rangers  NES 
Resident Evil 0  GC 
Resident Evil  PSX 
Resident Evil  GC 
Resident Evil 2  DC
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis  PSX 
Resident Evil 3 Nemesis  DC
Resident Evil: Code Veronica  DC
Revengers of Vengeance  SG 
Rhapsody: A Musical Adventure  PSX 
Ridge Racer Type 4  PSX 
Rising Zan  PSX 
Rival Schools United By Fate  PSX 
River City Ransom  NES 
Robotech Battlecry  XB 
Robotrek  SNES 
Rocket Knight Adventures  SG 
Rolling Thunder 2  SG 
Rolling Thunder 3  SG 
Romance of the Three Kingdoms II  SNES 
Roommate ~Ryouko in Summer Vacation~  SS 
Roommate Ryouko SS 
Roommate 3 SS 
Roommate W SS 
R-Types  PSX 
Runabout 2  PSX 
Saga Frontier  PSX 
Saga Frontier II  PSX 
Saiyuki: Journey West  PSX 
Samba de Amigo  DC
Samba de Amigo Ver. 2000  DC
San Francisco Rush 2049  DC
Seaman  DC
Secret of Evermore  SNES 
Secret of Mana  SNES 
SEGA Ages  SS 
Sega GT 2002  XB 
Sega Bass Fishing  DC
Sega Bass Fishing 2  DC
Sega Marine Fishing  DC
SEGA Rally Championship  SS 
SEGA Rally Championship 2  DC
Seventh Cross: Evolution  DC
Shadow Dancer The Secret of Shinobi  SG 
Shadow of the Beast PCE 
Shadow of the Ninja  NES 
Shadow Madness  PSX 
Shadowman  DC
Shadowrun  SNES 
Shenmue  DC
Shenmue II LE  DC
Shenmue II  DC
Shenmue II XB
Sherlock Holmes Consulting Detective  PCE 
Shining Force CD  SG 
Shining Force II  SG 
Shining Force III  SS 
Shining the Holy Ark  SS 
Shining Wisdom  SS 
Shockman  PCE 
Shubibinman 3 Princess of a Different World  PCE 
Silent Bomber  PSX 
Silent Debuggers  PCE 
Silent Hill  PSX 
Silent Hill 2: Restless Dreams  XB 
Silhouette Mirage  PSX 
Silpheed  SG 
Simpsons Bart VS the Space Mutants, The  NES 
Skies of Arcadia  DC
Sin & Punishment  N64 
Sky Blazer  SNES 
Slave Zero  DC
Smash Pack  DC
Snake's Revenge  NES 
Snatcher  SG 
SNK vs Capcom  NGPC 
Sol-Feace  SG 
Sonic Adventure  DC
Sonic Adventure 2  DC
Sonic the Hedgehog  SG 
Sonic the Hedgehog CD  SG 
Sonic Shuffle  DC
Soul Blade  PSX 
Soul Blazer  SNES 
Soul Calibur  DC
Soul of the Samurai  PSX 
Space Adventure, The  SG 
Space Channel 5  DC
Space Station Silicon Valley  N64 
Sparkster  SG 
Spawn: In the Demon's Hand
One of the greatest cooperative games ever. Some people would call it repetitive. I call it addictive, simple fun. Teamwork!! And Dark Brimstone? You're no fun.
Spiderman  DC
Spin Jam  PSX 
Sports Jam  DC
Spriggan mark2 Re Terraform Project  PCE 
Star Gladiator  PSX 
Star Ocean: The Second Story  PSX 
Starblade  SG 
Startling Odyssey II  PCE 
Star Fox Adventures  GC 
StarTropics  NES 
StarTropics 2 Zoda's Revenge  NES 
Steel Harbinger  PSX 
Street Fighter Alpha  PSX 
Street Fighter Alpha 2  PSX 
Street Fighter Alpha 2  SS 
Street Fighter Alpha 3  DC
Street Fighter EX + Alpha  PSX 
Street Fighter EX + Alpha 2  PSX 
Street Fighter II  SNES 
Street Fighter II Collection  SS 
Street Fighter II'  PCE 
Street Fighter III: Double Impact  DC
Street Fighter III: Third Strike  DC
Street Fighter the Movie  SS 
Streets of Rage 2  SG 
Strider  SG 
Strider 2  PSX 
Striker Pro 2000  DC
Strikers 1945  PSX 
Suikoden  PSX 
Suikoden 2  PSX 
Super Castlevania IV  SNES 
Super Magnetic Neo  DC
Super Mario 64  N64 
Super Mario Brothers  NES 
Super Mario Brothers 2  NES 
Super Mario Brothers 3  NES 
Super Mario RPG  SNES 
Super Mario World  SNES 
Super Mario World 2 Yoshi's Island  SNES 
Super Puzzle Fighter II Turbo  SS 
Super Runabout: San Francisco Edition  DC
Superstar Dance Club  PSX 
Super Valis IV  SNES 
Super VG  SNES 
Sword of the Berserk: Guts' Rage  DC
Sword of Vermilion  SG 
Syd of Valis  SG 
Syphon Filter  PSX 
Tactics Ogre  PSX 
Tail of the Sun  PSX 
Tail Concerto  PSX 
Tales of Destiny  PSX 
Tales of Destiny 2  PSX 
TaleSpin  SG 
Target Earth  SG 
Tecmo's Deception  PSX 
Toonstein Dare to Scare  PSX 
Tekken  PSX 
Tekken 2  PSX 
Tenchu: Stealth Assassins  PSX 
Tenchu 2  PSX 
Tennis 2K2  DC
Test Drive Le Mans  DC
Thousand Arms  PSX 
Threads of Fate  PSX 
Thunder Force Gold Pack 1  SS 
Thunder Force V Perfect System  PSX 
Time Crisis: Project Titan  PSX 
Time Gal  SG 
Time Stalkers  DC
Tiny Toon Adventures  NES 
Tiny Toon Adventures Acme All-Stars  SG 
Tiny Toon Adventures Buster Busts Loose  SNES 
Tiny Toon Adventures Buster's Hidden Treasures  SG 
Tiny Toon Adventures The Great Beanstalk  PSX 
TMNT Tournament Fighters  SNES 
Tobal No.1  PSX 
Toejam & Earl  SG 
Tomba  PSX 
Tomba 2  PSX 
Tony Hawk's Pro Skater 2  DC
Torneko: The Last Hope  PSX 
Toshinden  PSX 
Toy Commander  DC
Trap Gunner  PSX 
Traysia  SG 
Trinea  SNES 
Trouble Shooter  SG 
Twinkle Star Sprites  DC
Typing of the Dead  DC
UN Squadron  SNES 
Vagrant Story  PSX 
Valis  SG 
Valis II  PCE 
Valis III  SG 
Valis III  PCE 
Valis IV the Phantasm Soldier  PCE 
Valkyrie Profile  PSX 
Vampire Savior  SS 
Vandal~Hearts  PSX 
Vandal Hearts 2  PSX 
Vanguard Bandits  PSX 
Vasteel  PCE 
Vasteel 2  PCE 
Vay  SG 
Virtua Cop  SS 
Virtua Fighter 2  SS 
Virtua Fighter 3 TB  DC
Virtua Striker 2  DC
Virtua Tennis  DC
Virtual Casino  SS 
Virtual Open Tennis  SS 
Vs.  PSX 
Wacky Races  DC
Walt Disney World Quest Magical Racing Tour  DC
Warsong  SG 
WeaponLord  SG 
Welcome to Pia Carrot 2.5  DC
Wetrix +  DC
Whip Rush  SG 
Wild Arms  PSX 
Wild Arms 2  PSX 
Wild Guns  SNES 
Winback  N64 
Winter Heat  SS 
Wonder Project J 2  N64 
World of Illusion  SG 
Wold Series Baseball 2K1  DC
Wold Series Baseball 2K2  DC
Worms Armageddon  DC
Worms World Party  DC
X*Perts  SG 
Xenogears  PSX 
X-Men Children of the Atom  SS 
X-Men VS Street Fighter  SS 
X-Men: Mutant Academy  PSX 
X-Men: Mutant Academy 2  PSX 
X-Men: Mutant Apocalypse  SNES 
Yoshi's Story  N64 
Ys Book I & II  PCE 
Yu-Gi-Oh! Forbidden Memories  PSX 
Yuke! Yuke!! Trouble Makers  N64 
Zero Gunner 2  DC
Zombie Revenge  DC
Zombies Ate my Neighbors  SNES