AeyarName:  Arlua Rikoslakesterkonziphffelstraskaraflezkerwanze-
talprekmintakelzelcabowquigesalpemosteroviexerfalziriko (usually shortened to "Riko")

Nickname:  Aeyar
Date of Birth:  February 16
Race:  Zeroinian
Nationality:  Kerian
Occupation:  adventurer
Hand:  both

Aeyar doesn't tend to show up in WonderStories a whole lot as she's usually busy in other stories. She's a lot more level-headed than most of the other WonderCharacters and tends to add a bit of sense to the story.  As a result, she isn't written about very much.

You probably noticed earlier that her surname looks like someone banged a lot of keys on the keyboard. Actually, that's only a fraction of her name.  Her entire name is recorded in multiple volumes of books and is a history of her family up to her great-grandfather's uncle, written in Old Zeroinian.  It's terribly long and boring but rumor has it that there's some family secret in there.  No one has had the patience to translate it yet and the portion shown above is all she's memorized and what she puts down if forms require her full name.

Her occupation is listed as adventurer because she tends to do lots of adventuring.  (How handy!)  This is further aided by the fact that she's a graduate of the Zeroin Flight School and owns her own small ship.  However, when she's not adventuring, she's usually A) sleeping, B) practicing gymnastics, or C) competing on the Zeroin Volleyball Team. So, she's sporty. Yes, but hates running. She thinks it's just the most boring thing ever.

Non-sports hobbies include reading, drinking tea, and tinkering. She's fonder of mechanical rather than electrical designs, and likes to think of potentially useful things, which often aren't. :} She designed a kind of personal extensible weapon/helper thing that straps to your wrist, which she calls a mini-arm pack, but she doesn't seem to be using them much lately. They're her most successful idea ever.

Aeyar will hopefully meet up with WHaC again in season 4 (episode 46).  I predict that episode will be out in 2008AD.  In case you're interested, she previously appeared in WonderHam and Cheese:  Short Story II (Season 0, episode 2, now long since out of print) and WonderHam and Cheese Open a Door (a rather terrible school-paper which was never actually available).

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