Alexander CandellReal Name: Brandy Young
Pseudonym: Alexander Candell
Date of Birth: February 8
Hand: both

Brandy absolutely hates her name so, from now on, we'll call her Alex, like she prefers.

Some of you may be wondering why she has a pseudonym, as did I. She doesn't talk about her past very much. For reasons unknown, she "had to" pretend to be a boy for a while, so she picked that name. Wherever she got the name from, I don't know. If I remember correctly, the reason she hates her name is two-fold. Firstly, she has some bad memories associated with it because it reminds her of her past. Secondly (and the reason she actually tells everyone) is that she thinks it's a stupid name. "Imagine being named after a drink!" she complains. (Note to prospective parents: think very carefully before you name kids!)

That was during one of the rare times when she actually talked to me.  She's rather withdrawn. If she has anything to say, she probably won't. She prefers to internalise everything, which is dangerous. One second, she can be smiling shyly at you and if you happen to say something she really doesn't like, she might explode at you. Not fun. No one can crystallise anger forever and so if you happen to provide the straw that breaks the camel's back, she can be vicious. My friends and I have suggested she take up some kind of hobby to help her cool off, say bonsai or something that requires concentration. For our troubles, we've ended up with a lot of dead plants and made her even more upset, since they died on her.

I'm not entirely sure why we put up with her so much. Part of it's pity, I know that.  You see, she's from a different time-line. By some unfortunate twist of fate, she ended up in ours after having lived in a post-apocalyptic environment. Quite a change of pace, yes.

One of the hardest things to deal with is that she seemed to know some of us in her world. Crystal comes readily to mind. The way she acts around Crystal, it's as if she's trying to rekindle a friendship. Alex is such a difficult person to deal with that Crys just ends up not knowing what to do. She feels responsible for trying to make Alex a better person, since she tries so hard. Poor Alex. I can't imagine what it must feel like to say, meet someone who just yesterday was your best friend but isn't today and never saw you that way. I guess the closest analogy we could have is if your friend suddenly had amnesia but even then, Alex has it much worse. Not only does no one (who look like they ought to) recognise her but they might even have completely different personalities from those that she knew! Now that's confusing.

Luckily, Alex is no ordinary girl. I don't mean just the whole alternate time-line thing. She can also fly by herself, like one of those superheroes as well as form small discs of energy with her hands. It's pretty neat to see. Unless she then throws them at you, at which point you're toast.

Some of the things she likes include taking walks, mountain climbing, and dogs. She always wanted to have a dog, but at the same time feels that she wouldn't be able to take care of one well enough. Even with her snap temper, I imagine she would do fine as a dog owner, but this points to a deeper lack of confidence on her part. I guess the plant thing didn't help much.

Alex enjoys wearing various styles of clothes, but not formalwear.

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