Atéo Cayzan Name: Atéo Cayzan
Date of Birth: March 13
Occupation: Soldier
Aspiration: Knight
Hand: Right
Country of Origin: Sidar

Atéo is a typical young hero type. Hot tempered but lucky, skillful and determined, yet hesitating...he goes determinedly on quests and sees them through to the end, bitter or not.

Being a normal human-type and because he lives on a medieval-type planet, Atéo has an expected life-span of about 40 years max. Depressing, isn't it?

He has always had very fair hair, tending to white when very young. He doesn't really care so much about it, though.

He's not bad at using a sword, but lacks formal training. His father is a knight, but hasn't imparted much knowledge yet. The sword he uses is an unusual one, requiring more of a fencing style of combat. While lacking any magical properties, his sword is perhaps one-of-a-kind. His father gave it to him because as a knight of the realm, he has a standard sword issued to him. Also, it's perhaps not suitable for large-scale combat.

Some of his other skills include swimming, fishing, and riding horses. He's very comfortable around horses, having spent a considerable amount of time with them.

Atéo hasn't travelled to many places, but likes to hear stories of far-off places. He dreams someday of being able to see some of the places he's heard about, but for the moment, is content to stay at home and take care of his family while his father is away on campaign. He has a sister and 2 younger brothers to take care of. Their mother died recently.

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