Real name: Nicholas Cheese
Code name: Cheese
Fake name: Reginald Phlegm
Date of Birth: September 23
Occupation: Bohemian ninja
Hand: Left
Favourite colour: Black
Height: I really don't know just yet.
Weight: For how long?

Cheese is the second main character in the WonderHam series and is technically supposed to be WonderHam's sidekick. However, they act as equals most of the time. He has been training as a Bohemian ninja since he was 5 and has now obtained the rank of "Pretty swell." This rank is signified by his red belt and the fact that he doesn't have to wear his hood if he doesn't feel like it. (BTW, Bohemian ninjitsu is more interested in stealth and spying, rather than assassination.)

Interestingly, Nick isn't a very good Bohemian Ninja. Rather than possessing much skill in any aspect of ninjitsu, his family gave him the rank because his potential is great. In order to develop his skills, they took a gamble and raised his rank. Supposedly, with a higher rank comes greater responsibility and freedom. Increased freedom would allow him to experiment more, which would lead to greater challenges. In the course of overcoming these challenges, he would gain discipline and experience. Well, that's what they hope, anyway.

One unfortunate problem is that Nick appears to have lost his black ninja uniform and so, often runs around in his winter set. Luckily, they don't have to deal with too many crimes at night, which sounds odd, but then, everyone's asleep, right?

When not fighting crime with WonderHam, Nick practices his Bohemian ninjitsu or competes on his school's track team (as a hurdler, if that means anything to you). Occasionally, he even does his homework! In more recent "episodes," Nick's also been spending some time with Anne. You can expect to see more of her. However, as those are actually later episodes than I'm supposed to be working on, you can expect to see her again much later.

Cheese also appears to be more technically-inclined than WonderHam, but is not terribly keen on flying.

Also of note is the fact that his contract states he will occasionally have an episode all to himself.

Cheese likes rock music and to start on his (other) dream of being a rock star, has decided to take up acoustic guitar real soon now.

He has a dog, and prefers dogs to cats, but prefers non-omniscient animals overall.

Amazing Cheese Trivia

Cheese carried his sword with him everywhere until WonderHam: Short Story, where he broke it.
Cheese was only ranked less than "Pretty Swell" for the first episode.
Cheese doesn't like fish, but will eat them.
Cheese is better at kicking than he is at punching.
Although the picture shows him using a katana, he will use practically any weapon he can.
He, like SuperMan, always wears his uniform. However, if he puts on glasses, only 60% of the population can't identify him.
When he was younger, he would watch Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles.
Cheese has contacts, though he's not going to tell you who they are.

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