Crystal Name: Crystal Gecynde
Date of Birth: January 28, 1979

Crys is a streetwise girl. She's very capable of taking care of herself in most situations and claims not to need anyone. With people of this sort, they're either completely right or completely wrong. In this case, she's wrong...perhaps. She's always looking for someone else to be close to but never finds the right guy. Perhaps she's destined to be alone or maybe it's just bad luck.

A generally quiet girl, she knows when to fight back and when it's just not worth it. Smarting off used to get her into trouble but she's grown beyond that. Pragmatism is the name of the game and she's been playing for years.  Her favourite façade is that of the cheery, oblivious girl. It's much easier to observe people if they don't think you know anything, after all. However, she's been rather down lately and it takes quite a toll on her psychic energies to portray that front. So, it's been her usual nihilism. This isn't a depressing mode of thinking, she says. It's a realistic viewpoint.

Having just been re-introduced to her sister, Jessica, after having not seen her in a VERY long time, Crys is becoming fond of her and more open as time passes. Family is a nice support, isn't it? Jess is all that's left of her family. What happened to everyone else? No one's really certain.

Among Crys' hobbies are cooking and skiing. She's not very good at baking but her cooking is pretty good...except she's a little too fond of sugary foods. She also likes the colour pink, small furry animals, camping, and motorcycles. She doesn't have a cat but kind of wishes she did. Her motorcycle is...a dream at the moment. :} But at least she knows a lot about them.

She hates to be cooped up indoors for long periods of time, the only exception being the occasional movie. For some reason or another, she really likes to see like every movie out there, even if those movies aren't very good.

She's very aware of her limits and always tries to challenge them, pushing herself to do more, do better.

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