Dawn ForêtName: Dawn Forêt
Fighting style: Ombre
Residence: France
Race: Earth-Elf
Favourite colour: green
Birthdate: November 8, 1824
Hand: both
Occupation: bard/shaman

Dawn is a mysterious French elf who occasionally appears in the WonderHam stories from time to time. She's usually with her sister, Dusk. They haven't revealed their identities to WonderHam, who is puzzled by them because he doesn't have access to this webpage. (Just kidding.) She's also friends with Marvel Beef, WonderHam's cousin.

Dawn lives with her sister in a forest in France. There, she does environmental work like a good elf should. Since she's a bard, she likes to travel and play her lute. Currently, she's working on a CD of ballads and her own work. As a lutist, she's pretty good. As a shaman (her other occupation), she's pretty horrible. The very simplest spells give her headaches and she makes mistakes fairly often. That may be surprising, since her mother, Amethyst, is such a good magic-user but one must remember skills are not hereditary, much to everyone's annoyance.

For some irrational reason, Dawn is terrified of horses. However, she can talk to most animals. Odd, isn't it? She just doesn't understand them so well, perhaps.

Annoyingly, even though her fighting style is listed as Ombre, I can't remember where I put my notes on that. Arghhhh. She's a tad on the strong side as shown in the chart below.

Dawn is fairly cool-headed and calm in most situations, but hates taking leadership positions because it's too much stress for her. She prefers to keep a low profile, and when mingling with humans, will usually do something to try and hide her ears so as to not stand out. In small groups, she's very outgoing and friendly, though. She's very patient and doesn't often lose her temper.

Although her favourite colour is green, she almost never wears green clothes.

She speaks perfect English and French, although when angry, betrays a bit of an accent.







Dawn will also be featured in her own (Non-WonderHam) stories, sometime. Check the blog, linked on the main page!
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