Dusk ForêtName: Dusk Forêt
Date of Birth: November 8, 1824
Race: Elf
Nationality: French
Occupation: ranger
Fighting style:  Ombre
Hand:  both

Dusk is Dawn's sister. She's typically more outgoing (read: louder) than Dawn and can get into lots of trouble for speaking before thinking. She, like many elves, has an insatiable curiosity and likes meaningless trinkets and baubles. She'd collect everything she found if Dawn didn't stop her. :} (They don't have that much room in their house.)

She doesn't have any special skills, as such, but does know lots of useful forestry-related information. This includes things like tracking and figuring out where you are and how to get somewhere else you really want to be. She is not as good with languages as Dawn is, so speaks English with a slight accent and doesn't know anything whatsoever about animal languages. Of course, magic is a no-go.

She's also a horrendous cook and is most famous for almost burning down the house where Dawn and she live, because she's so not-really-good at it. :}

Generally, though, Dusk's a friendly person with a good sense of humour, and quite a practical joker. Unfortunately, she's not a good judge of people, which gets her in a lot of trouble when she plays jokes on the wrong people.

She doesn't have a favourite colour or anything, but she loves to go for walks in the woods, looking for shiny things.

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