Name:  Jäne Cansán Jäne Cansán
Date of Birth:  April 7
Nationality:  Howdy Arabian
Race:  Howdy Arabian
Hand:  right
Fighting style:  Rhytaric

Jäne is a very dedicated pupil of the Rhytaric school of martial arts, which was founded in Europe by Queen Sarah of Castle Kayzar.  Never mind about the history...It is a technique requiring a lot of skill and grace and focuses on throwing your opponent as far/hard as you can.  There is also a tradition about not cutting your hair, which is why Jäne's is so long.  (Before studying, she kept her hair short because Howdy Arabia is such a warm planet.) So, her choice of styles has really impacted her life in many ways.

Yes, it's a warm planet, so why does she often go around wearing TWO shirts, one of which is long-sleeved? Because she's actually used to even warmer weather! So, sometimes, if the temperature dips just a little, she may be scrambling to roll down her sleeves while her friends are just grateful for a slight breeze.

Jäne also loves running, which is good to do, so everybody should get out and run more, okay?  She likes other activities and sports but running is her favourite.  She also has extremely good balance and good climbing skills.  (There are lots of cliffs on Howdy Arabia.)

She is a happy, active quiet girl.  However, when she talks, she tends to talk too much and rather directly, so don't tell her any secrets. She hasn't a particularly good memory, either.

In the included picture, she's not happy but that's not very often. I just thought it would be a cool pose and that having a happy expression for it wouldn't work very well! In reality, her skin tone is a bit darker than that, too. Ah, time.

She has a very large family, so becoming a martial artist was a way of having a bit of peace and quiet in here life. ^_^;

Oh, yes. Her favourite colour really is pink.

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