Full Name: Kristin Roberta Nikols
Date of Birth: August 15, 1761
Race: Human
Occupation: Printer/Compositor/Proofreader
Hand: Right
Favorite color: Pink


Kristin, AKA Kain, grew up in rural Pennsylvania in the days leading up to the Revolutionary War. She was apprenticed to a printer in Philadelphia and lived there for several years. She loves her home state.

One day, she met Tiffany Murry and they became good friends. Fortunately, Tiffany is from the future, and happens to have a time machine. (How convenient!) So, sometimes, they come to the present.

Kain is usually cheery and upbeat with her friends, but ultra-shy with people she doesn't know. Very gentle and soft-spoken, she often doesn't quite know what's going on around her, or understand the significance of things. However, she doesn't really need to. In a pinch, Tiff helps her out.

She may not comprehend the big picture, but can pick up how to do things pretty quickly. New printing presses do not confuse her in the least and she can switch gears from one task to another very well. She handles crises fairly well, although she may appear to be panicking.

To her, technology is really interesting, but mysterious. Having been raised in such a low-tech era, she's not very good with computers or things, but certainly tries.

She likes to do arts and crafts, especially whittling, but is not so fond of cooking.  She has very fine motor skills, so is good with a knife or playing the piano, but is absolutely terrible with a hammer. The time she attempted to build a bookshelf was really trying for her.

Throwing is her specialty and she's very accurate with small objects, like stones or pieces of movable type. One of her most prized possessions is a small metal case containing a full set of movable type. She then like to play simple games like catch, because she's good at it, but overall isn't particularly athletic. I don't know how she'd do with throwing a non-round object, like a knife. She's never tried, as far as I know. She can get a piece of movable type going pretty fast, though...

Kain likes desserts but doesn't have a chance to eat them very often. Other things she likes are reading and playing the piccolo. She's probably good at singing, but is too shy to try.

Most days, she ties her hair in the back with a blue ribbon.







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