Full Name:  Melanie Nora Mitchell
Date of Birth: June 19

Race: Human
Occupation: Sorceress
Hand:  Right

A friendly person who loves animals.  Dogs are her favourite, so she has a dog named "Flower," who is some kind of golden retriever. Her second favourite would be horses and she finds riding and grooming to be nicely relaxing. She prefers bareback riding, as she says it's more comfortable for the horse. She's always thinking of others.

Always willing to help people out, she's forever ready to turn a sympathetic ear to a friend or lend a helping hand. She is good at judging situations and knows when help really isn't needed.

Once upon a time, she lived in a big, old house and was an ordinary girl.  Then, she accidentally discovered she was able to do magic, and since that time, has been busy saving the world and doing those kinds of things. You know.

Saving the world is not as easy as it sounds, and she's had to face some challenging situations, but has always managed to handle them, with the help of her friends, of course.

Her kind of magic is not really elemental-based.  It's more of anti-elemental-based.  It doesn't conform to the traditional Water/Wind/Earth/Fire set.  That's more the realm of her best friend, Kristin.  It's more along a mindset of 'do whatever.'  And so, she can.  For example, create things, move things, etc. I guess you could say it's Wish-based, as it's accomplished by Force of Will.

Plus, she likes to cook and is also good at flower arranging.  She has a very good memory and can quickly recall details. She's also good with numbers and can do mental arithmetic fairly quickly and accurately. She has tidy handwriting, but her spelling may be off at times.

Her favourite kind of music is pretty much anything with a beat, but she also appreciates good classical music. That's pretty much in line with her personality, which is mostly quiet in public. She'll wallflower if she doesn't feel like doing anything.

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