Nicole Bristol

Full Name:  Nicole Christina Bristol
Date of Birth:  August 19
Race:  Human
Nationality:  English. I think. I'm pretty sure, anyway. (Ah, what do I know?)
Occupation:  student
Hand:  right

Nicole is the only daughter of Dr.  Jonathan Bristol, the world-famous explorer.  Her mother died in a plane crash when Nicole was very young and Dr. Bristol has had to raise her by himself, which would have been difficult if Nicole wasn't so independent.  Dr. Bristol is frequently away from home on one of his expeditions and regrets having to go, but Nicole says she doesn't mind.

She met Ryan in 3rd grade. They quickly became good friends and stayed that way all the way up until the story series actually starts (which would be 7th grade).

Nicole is friendly and out-going, but above all, sincere.  She's also very practical and doesn't believe in ghosts or aliens.
She's good at science and math, but doesn't like draw attention to that, as she tries to fit in as best as she can.  She doesn't mind helping people out with their homework, of course.

Sports are not her strong suit, but she likes running. Complicated rules are no fun, she says. She does enjoy watching some sports, though, especially if friends are playing.

When she was young, she had a pet gerbil named Scooter.
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