Rachel Gin'ryuuFull name: Rachel Gin'ryuu
Birthday: May 17
Occupation: Dragon hunter
Hand: Right
Favourite colour: red
Eye colour: silver
Hair colour: red
Nationality: Iskedorian

Rachel looks like an ordinary 20-or-so year old girl with disproportionately long hair, odd armour, and a rather large sword. However, this facade of normality hides the fact that she is in reality, a dragon hunter. Unlike most dragon hunters, Rachel picks her targets with care. Instead of foolishly targeting the so-called 'good' dragons (gold, silver, etc.) or the minor land dragons, she only metes out justice on those dragons who have done really bad things such as destroying villages or infringing on village fishing rights. Those sorts of things. As such, she is even respected amongst the dragon communities.

Rachel prefers travelling light, and usually totes a single messenger-style bag with her.

A note about her clothes:
Rachel usually wears a necklace of five dragon teeth. These are the very tiniest baby dragon teeth dragons ever have. When dragons have teeth this small, they only have five of them, so that means she has all the baby teeth of some dragon. She insists that she just picked them up somewhere and that she has never killed a baby dragon, which would probably be illegal. In the dragon hunting community, wearing dragon's teeth used to be a sign of how tough you were. However, since adult dragon teeth are so heavy, this was quickly found to be impractical. This is also the reason why she sometimes takes two of the teeth off. Besides the weight, the clatter they caused could really get to you, if you wore much armour (which Rachel doesn't to afford more mobility).

Her clothes are kind of baggy, so she likes to tie strips of blue cloth around her elbows, "Just so I can keep track of where my elbows are," she jokes.

Naturally, for fighting dragons, she has a two-handed sword, which is pretty darn heavy. She can carry it one-handed for short periods of time. As a result of its weight, she has very thick gloves. (She's a little concerned about calluses.) It's an ordinary non-magical two-handed sword, but is effective.

Her best friend is a guy named Skrag Itrai Petrarch, AKA Skip. Skip isn't a dragon hunter.

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