WonderHamReal Name: Ryan
Date of Birth: July 21
Occupation: crime fighter
Hand: left
Favourite colour: green

One day, Ryan discovered a cave hidden underneath his house connected to another cave with many computers inside it and a little note asking whoever found it to take up the fight against evil.  Ryan did and became known as WonderHam (not by his choice). That second cave just so happened to be located under the house of his friend, Nick, so they became partners.

Ryan is generally considered the main character of the WonderHam series (partially because he narrates it). He dictates where the WonderStory goes.  If he goes to school (and something halfway interesting happens), we'll follow him there. (Currently, his contract states we hafta have at least 1 school episode per season, so we go there whether we want to or not...)

Thankfully, because they don't live in a major urban area, there aren't really any other crime fighters to worry about, and the criminals tend to not be the brightest of the bunch. Crime fighters, especially part-timers, need all the help they can get!

When not running around eliminating evil, Ryan tends to stumble around his house, where he lives with his parents, a younger brother, and two cats. (BTW, we suspect his cats, Shelley and Nermal, are sentient and have psionic powers. Ryan denies this.) Also, since Ryan happens to be on the track team, he can be found practising at school. Ryan aspires to be the second best pole-vaulter in the state. However, since we're currently in the first season (7th grade) and his school doesn't have a pole-vaulting coach, he's shelved that dream and is a relay runner.

WonderHam's uniform is an interesting mix of Halloween costume and street clothes. When he puts it on, not even his best friend can recognize him! However, though rigorous training, Cheese has managed to remember him.
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