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Cosmic Fantasy

Cosmic Fantasy: Adventure Boy Yuu was released on 90/03/30 for ¥6780.

Telenet scans
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Monmo, Saya, Sylph, and Yuu
 Cosmic Fantasy features Yuu, Saya, Monmo, and Nyan. If I had finished playing the game by now, I'd be able to tell you more than that.

Most people outside of Japan have not seen this game and it also has a different theme song than the others. If you're interested in hearing Tomorse Land click here. It is reproduced here as a 509KB mono RealAudio recording.
Note: Actually, Tomorose Land might be the name of the LP it's on...I think the actual title is "Hikari no Umi no Naka he" or "To the Middle of the Sea of Light." Whoops. I see in the last 2 years or so, no one noticed. :} Since I can't remember how I made this RA file, I can't change the name of it. ^_^;;;

Here's a translated item list. (The page also includes Japanese characters so you can compare them to the screen, if need be.)

Thanks to Dave Shadoff, we have information about Tomorose Land, as well as codes!
Tomorose Land is (was?) Tomomi Nishimura's shop near Harajuku Station in Tokyo. They gave prizes to the first 50 people to beat the game and submit a postcard to them, but we don't know what that prize was.

Debug mode: At the title screen, hold Up, I, II, and select, then press run.
Tomorose Land map: At the title screen, hold I, II, and select, then press run.

Here are a few pictures of the game itself:
Load menu After the opening, you get to this load menu. Aw...aren't SD characters cute?
Fight A fight. Notice the kobold looks exactly like in CF2...Nice interface. Looks nicer than CF2's and closer to the others'. I guess CF2 was an experiment. The background is a nice touch.
Inside Mother Menu. Yes, I know we're not supposed to complain about the graphics but...they ARE rather simplistic. Even when walking in towns, you will notice that the townspeople DO NOT walk around. Rather, they all walk in place. In the very beginning, when someone runs into the mayor's house, this is achieved by the person's sprite suddenly appearing in the house. Hmm. I don't know much about programming but moving people like that doesn't sound too hard. Perhaps that's an indication of their budget? :(
Select menu Other menu. (Press select during the game.)
つよさ Status
はなす Talk
ロード Load
システム System
マップ Map
Map Here's the whole map.

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