The Cosmic Fantasy Home Page

The Cosmic Fantasy Home Page


When people ask me what my favourite game is, I usually tell them it's Cosmic Fantasy 2. And then they ask me what that is. So, if you're wondering what's new in the world of Cosmic Fantasy, or just wanted some information, you've come to the right place!

Last updated: [09/12/14]

A note about the GIFs. Most have their sizes set by tags and aren't displayed at full size. Looking at them full-size generally makes them clearer.

What is CF?
The What is Cosmic Fantasy page has general information on the series. Check it out! [09/12/14]
Cosmic Fantasy
A page about Cosmic Fantasy: Adventure Boy Yuu. [08/02/05]
Cosmic Fantasy 2
Hopefully everything you've ever wanted to know about the American release of Cosmic Fantasy 2: Adventure Boy Van. [99/11/20]
Cosmic Fantasy Stories
Some about Cosmic Fantasy Stories. [99/11/20]
Cosmic Fantasy 3
A bit about Cosmic Fantasy 3: Adventure Boy Rei. [08/03/16]
And the VERY early, early alpha version of the Cosmic Fantasy 3 Walkthrough. [08/02/05]
Cosmic Fantasy Visual Collection
Cosmic Fantasy Visual Collection. [99/11/20]
Cosmic Fantasy 4
Info about Cosmic Fantasy 4, both Chapter 1 and Chapter 2. Also, a little about the trailer from CF3. [05/02/10]
Cosmic Fantasy OVA Just a little about the Cosmic Fantasy OVA (and related items). [05/02/04]
Cosmic Fantasy Picture Gallery
Here's the terribly not large Cosmic Fantasy Picture Gallery. [05/01/01]
Rim Gallery
And the somewhat handy Unofficial Rim Gallery. [05/02/10]
Cosmic Fantasy Lyrics Page Music and lyrics translations are in the Cosmic Fantasy Music Page. [08/02/24]
Cosmic Fantasy Manga Page The renamed Cosmic Fantasy Books Page. [08/04/06]
Page notes are also available. [08/04/06]
Semi-Related Stuff The Semi-Related Stuff Page. [08/02/05]
If you have any Cosmic Fantasy-related info you'd like to share or find ANY broken links*, please e-mail me at:
. Thanks! Additionally, if you need help on a particular game, I can usually be of some use. REQUESTS FOR ROM IMAGES WILL BE IGNORED.

* Just because I checked them all doesn't mean they'll stay functional. Ain't the web great?

Yes, Cosmic Fantasy is ©Sunsoft and ©Kazuhiro Ochi. Thanks for noticing.
(I, of course, have nothing to do with them and if they want to come over and smash me for using images and descriptions of their characters and products without permission, I say right now I meant no harm.)

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