Cosmic Fantasy 3 Trailer

This page is about the trailer attached to the end of Cosmic Fantasy 3.  Previously, I erroneously listed it as Cosmic Fantasy 4 Chapter 1. Since that time, it's been discovered that it is in fact, only a trailer.Heredoreku

All screenshots were taken from the CF3 trailer DO NOT reflect the finished Cosmic Fantasy 4 Chapter 1 in any way.
Mai and Rei My guess is that CF4 was supposed to be a one-chapter game like the others and cover Yuu having to rescue his parents from Heredoreku (that big orange flame-looking monster at the right). The trailer also showed a climactic scene in which Monmo seems to get blown up. Judging by the animation in the trailer, I'd guess the team worked on the cinemas for that game a bit but then the engine for CF was redesigned and they had to scramble to do the actual product. That would account for the lack of cinemas in CF4 Chapter 1. The animation style of the cinemas in CF3 is a world apart from that of CF4. It's amazing.

MonmoHere's the scene I mentioned.

Rim, Van, and Little FoxIt seems Rim and Van were supposed to have their confrontation by the Little Fox. This was put in CF4 Chapter 2 but in a different location.

Van and Yuu To the right is a "floating heads" image used in the CF3 manual.

If you look in the CF picture gallery, you may notice Rim isn't wearing her normal uniform (The one with the suspenders) and is instead wearing one with a jacket. This is because sometime between the design concept of CF4 and the actual game's creation, Kazuhiro Ochi and company decided to change the uniform designs for Rim and Van. But we poor fans don't know why they changed their clothes.  It may be covered in the PC-Engine Fan manga but I don't really know.

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