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Cosmic Fantasy 4 Chapter 1

Cosmic Fantasy 4 Chapter 1 Galaxy Boy Legend: Breakthough, Prelude to the Legend was released by Telenet on 6/10/94 for ¥7600.

Telenet scans
Click here to see the cover of the manual.
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Well, I was finally able to pick up a copy of this game and I do have to admit that I expected more out of it. I'll do a backwards comparison from Chapter 2: a lot of the material is shared between the two games. Even though the Chapters occur on different planets, they share many enemies, songs, and interfaces.

At the title, the cast says the title in chorus "Cosmic Fantasy 4," (which you can enjoy as a 78.3KB mono RealAudio recording) followed by the official theme song, "Cosmic Fantasy" (reproduced here as a 458KB mono RealAudio recording) and then the opening, which is covered on the CF4 Menu Page. Then, the title again. Hit run and you're dropped into the load/start/copy menu.

There is a digital comic-type section at the beginning of the game, just like Chapter 2. Except this time, it's much longer. The maps are incredibly simple compared to the multilevel, twisting paths of Chapter 2. In short, everything was generally tweaked to make Chapter 2. And as a result, Chapter 1 looks bad in comparison. It's also very short and easy. In fact, I beat it within a week. No knowledge of Japanese required.

There's only one little snag in the game and that's when Kazarin is on fire. Saya's part is easy to do.  However, it seems people frequently got stuck with Yuu.  Here's what I did:
1) After entering the town, I went into the hideout and saved. (I doubt you have to.)
2) I tried to enter the castle.

I have been notified by Bonnie (Thanks!) that if you go into the hideout after trying to enter the castle, the guard in step 3 will disappear and you will be unable to continue on! Fun...a bug. This is probably where those of you who got stuck.

3) I walked all the way East and then South until I found a guard holding a shield. He has a dark blue-grey helmet (or hair), about the same colour as Milly's hair and the shield is lavender-grey. He is almost exactly due East of the bridge. Talk to him 6 times. His text will read "........." If you really need a better look, click on the picture for a 10% quality JPG. (I think that's clear enough.)
4) Head West all the way and you can cross the bridge.

All right, so what about the story? Well...unfortunately, I have even less of an idea than for Chapter 2. In the beginning, Yuu and Saya are in CSC headquarters when they find there's been a kidnapping. A princess who happens to look exactly like Saya is missing and Saya has to take her place until she's found. Yuu is sent to the same planet, probably to track down the abducted princess.
Yes. So, it's "rescue the princess."

I also made some scans of the manual and disc. Unfortunately, my manual is in less than good
condition, so the scans aren't too good.
Compared to CF3: Everything's drawn differently again! The people look shorter than CF2 and the menus and combat have once again been redesigned. You still have pictures of your characters, but now, there's a little bar under the picture that will fill to let you know when that character can attack again. Also, there's once again a background picture behind the enemies while you fight.

Also new are the digital comic-type parts. In these, half the screen is menu/message box and you choose menu items (Look, talk, etc.). There are also little mini games with Nyan such as a hit-the-gopher type game. (This is located in a store before the fortress.)

Codes, inputted as your name:

Ni-ya-N-No-Shi-tsu-Po-De (hiragana, except for the Ni-ya-N, which is katakana; ya and tsu are the small versions) - Sound/Visual test.

LASER - Sudden RPG Mode.  (Skip the Digital Comic!)

VER1 - See the System Card Error screen.

Ni-ya-N-Ta-Ta-Ki (Ni-ya-N in katakana, rest in hiragana, ya small version) - The hit-the-gopher game with Nyan and Saya.

O-V-A-Mo-Ka-tsu-Ta-Yo (OVA Roman, no space, then hiragana, tsu small version) - See Saya in her OVA outfit.  Push select to toggle her clothes on and off.

Also, the CF3 codes can be used, but Nyan just talks to you. (He probably tells you they don't work anymore.)

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(Last tinkered with 6/7/99)

By the way, if you try to run the game with a regular System Card, it displays a small animation in
which Saya holds up a Super System system card.  I made  four screen captures of this sequence. To see them, click here.