The Cosmic Fantasy Picture Gallery

These are all the pieces of official artwork I could find. As I don't have thumbnails for every screenshot, you'll have to search the individual pages for them.

Cosmic Fantasy 4 castGroup shot of the cast from CF4. (Large image missing)
Rim and SayaRim and Saya from CF4. (Large image missing)
Van, Little Fox, Rim, PikkuRim, Pikku, Van, and Little Fox from CF2. (660KB, 1024 x 768)
Laura, Galam, Pikku, Van, RimLaura, Galam, Rim, Van, and Pikku from CF2. (688KB, 1024 x 768)
Syd of ValisA group of SD Telenet characters from the cover of the Genesis game, Syd of Valis. This picture was also used for the PC-Engine game "Nariagari Trendy Suguroku '92." See the cover here.

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(Last updated 08/02/05)