Today, I have added a translation of "True Love ~Distant Memories~." I since haven't got those GIFs redone (Painter Classic seems to be malfunctional in that regards) and due to computer troubles (bleh), I didn't have nearly as much time in the last month as I thought I would.

Although the old news was interesting, it's gone. :} What's the use of keeping it? Other than that, we have another manga page up, bringing us up to 7/13. That is, unless you include the three specials and the advert, which makes it 10/18. Either way, just over half. I'm glad I set the translation aside and looked at it again. With a clearer head, I think it's more accurate.

I've put the manga up on a different server, for one. That just means the manga doesn't have to go down, even though the MP3s have. Oh, oops. I didn't mention that yet, did I? Due to a hardware failure (among other problems), the MP3s will be down for a while. Probably a long while. Song lyrics will stay up.

Wah! An update! I've finally got back to translating the manga. I've also found somewhere to stash the MP3s, assuming people don't hunt me down and kill me for it. ~_~ Last but not least, I finally figured out the last few seiyuu on the 'What is CF?' page and corrected an error or two.

O_O Surprised that time passed so quickly. I had intended to get this up a lot sooner. Well, this update is just a little one: a single manga page. On a technical note, some server references had to be updated but that's it.

I've made a little list of things to do each week and updating the CFHP is on that list. So...let's see how long that lasts. ( ~_~ )I've already started the CF3 walkthrough, as you can see. Even though there's some translation in there, don't expect me to attempt much more. :}

This week, a manga page and a little further on the CF3 walkthrough. I'm really confused by that sidebar.

Another manga page--almost done!--and nothing else!

Got a bit more of CF3 done...I'll also do more next week! Yahoo!

Or so went the plan... O_O PSO is dangerous to everything. ^_^;
The MP3s have gone down and will likely stay down forever and ever. (Perhaps not that long but I don't see when they're come back in the near future.)

CF1: Correction on theme title, minor other things.
CF3: Corrected some names.
Rim Gallery: Updated page finally updated...from several years ago.
Lyrics: Some small corrections.
Manga: Re-uploaded.

CF3WTA updated a bit.
The address has suddenly become: [deleted]

A tiny bit more CF3WTA translation done...gah...some of these are hurting my brain. ^_^;

Oh, no! We're gone back in time!
No, wait...I changed date formats.
And...I fixed the manga.
And...I added a "Death Bringer" picture.
And... be the address.
And...I think I fixed all the broken links.  Annoying that the files were there, but I was pointing at the wrong places.  That's what happens when servers keep changing. :\ Now, CFHP is portable, so it won't break so much!

A visitor e-mailed me about a few (actually, 5) broken links, which I'd overlooked in my last fix. Also, 3 images were not happy due to capitals in their filenames. >:(

Hitting Google, I'm happy to note that I've gone back on the Google hits, at #13 or #8, depending on how you count nested links.  Ooh.  Just last month, I was nowhere to be found. On the other hand, 0 of the CFHP images are found via Google Images. I guess that's not bad, unless you were just picture-hunting.

Next update will be about CF (1), as I have some materials about it.

So much for those plans.  I was informed about a few more links that were unhappy due to the whole case-sensitivity thing. Apparently, when cobbling the page together, Mozilla ignores the cases locally.  So, I need to really do an actual browser test. >:(

CF (1) update in a week. There.

What's fixed:
Unofficial Rim Gallery,
CF4 Chapter 2 Gameplay Page

Unfortunately, I lost the top two Unofficial Rim Gallery pictures (along with tens of thousands of others, in a monumental hard drive crash), so all we have is a sad little thumbnail.

Whatever server I'd stored them on is also history.

A translated item list is now available for CF(1)! In case you need it. Translating it took a lot longer than expected because I really wasn't working on it. >_<

Dave Shadoff sent me some information, which kicked off the first update in about 3 years. This update will last us the next three years, as well! (Just kidding. I'll update again by next month.) Thanks also to Kris Pickett for the encouragement.

The Death Bringer image was relocated to the new Semi-Related Stuff Page, where semi-related stuff will live.

More Japanese text was added to pages because A) Japanese text is fun and B) I imagine most visitors' browsers can display it without exploding nowadays.

And, I'm working on these pages with SeaMonkey 2.0a1pre, which does not enjoy say, actually working so much. I'm sorry if it breaks stuff, because it already has and I've tried to track it down and...argh.

Perhaps I should go back to a different version...yeah. Good idea.

Also, amusingly, I've found that the images hosted on Netscape are...somehow still there...

This week's update is a little tame, but we have info about 2 CF projects going on, in the What is Cosmic Fantasy Page! And, did you know there's a drama CD? I didn't.

Life is sacrifice. In this case, I burned my lunch quite badly while writing this week's update. Whoopsie.

Music? Yeah! We have the theme back online. Rock on.

A mini-project: interactive fiction start!

Interactive fiction updated. Now, there are some things to do, but still not a whole lot.

CF Manga page renamed, and we're covering books, which are also being provided by Dave Shadoff. Cosmic Fantasy Bouken Shounen Yuu Kanzen Kouryaku Hon added.

Back to the Cosmic Fantasy Home Page.