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Cosmic Fantasy (3.7MB M4A file)
コズミック*ファンタジー kozumikku fantajii
cosmic fantasy
コズミック*ボーイ! kozumikku booi!
cosmic boy!
君の瞳のきらめきは kimi no hitomi no kirameki wa
your pupil's sparkle is
宇宙に広がる銀河の光…… uchuu ni hirogaru ginga no hikari......
spreading the Milky Way's light out into the universe......
不可能なんてないさ なにも怖くはないさ fukanou nante naisa nanimo kowaku wa naisa
there is nothing impossible; there is  nothing to be afraid of
うつむかないで 瞳を上げて utsumukanaide hitomi o agete
don't hang your head for shame; raise  your pupils:
君はひとりじゃない! kimi wa hitori ja nai!
You're not alone!
さあ、勇気おだして 大地を蹴って。 saa, yuuki o dashite, daichi o kette
come now, show the courage to kick  the ground
希望の空へ飛び立とうよ!! kibou no sora e tobitatouyo!!
and fly away to hope's sky!!
ぼくらにわ無限の可能性 bokura ni wa mugen no kanousei
inside of us are infinite  possibilities
見つけよう銀河のファンタジー mitsukeyou ginga no fantajii
locate the fantasy of the Milky Way
コズミック*ファンタジー kozumikku fantajii
cosmic fantasy
コズミック*ボーイ! kozumikku booi!
cosmic boy!
さがそうよ 僕達の未来 sagasouyo bokutachi no mirai
search for our future
僕の心のときめきは boku no kokoro no tokimeki wa
my heart's throbbing
君に初めて出会ったときから…… kimi ni hajimete deatta toki kara......
at that time was because I happened  to meet you for the first time......
まもってみせるよ やさしいその笑顔を mamotte miseruyo yasashii sono egao o
I'll protect and show your kind,  smiling face from
悲しまないで 涙をふいて kanashimanaide namida o fuite
sad tears falling
僕がそばにいるよ! boku ga soba ni iruyo!
I am near!
さあ、元気をだして 手と手をつなぎ saa, genki o dashite te to te o tsunagi
well, send out your spirit. With our  hands joined together,
あしたの世界をめざそうよ!! ashita no sekai o mezasouyo!!
let's aim for tomorrow's universe!!
未来には無限の可能性 mirai ni wa mugen no kanousei
in the future are infinite  possibilities
つくろうよ銀河のファンタジー tsukurouyo ginga no fantajii
mend the Milky Way's fantasy
コズミック*センチュリー kozumikku senchurii
cosmic century
コスミック*エイジ! kozumikku eiji!
cosmic age!
語ろうよ 僕たちの明日を katarouyo bokutachi no ashita o
We tell our tomorrow
そう、命を燃やし 僕は戦う sou, inochi o moyashi boku wa tatakau
so, I burn my life fighting
みんなの夢を守ために!! minna no yume o mamoru tameni!!
for the sake of protecting everyone's  dreams
字宙には無限の可能性 uchuu ni wa mugen no kanousei
there are infinite possibilities in the universe
まもるんだ銀河のファンタジー mamorunda ginga no fantajii
protecting the Milky Way's fantasy
コズミック*ファンタジー kozumikku fantajii
cosmic fantasy
コズミック*ボーイ! kozumikku booi!
cosmic boy!
つなごうよ 僕たちの夢を tsunagouyo bokutachi no yume o
our dreams connect

Translation notes:
After learning very very basic grammar, I decided it would be "fun" to try and translate the lyrics to Cosmic Fantasy because I happen to have them written down in the Guide Book. So, after nearly 2 months of intermittent translation effort, this is the end result.

After thinking for all of a minute, I believed this layout would be functional. I'm still not sure.

For ease of reading, the traditional CFHP starry background has been omitted.

Anyway, each lyric line is set in the above table in two rows. The top row is split into two halves.

The upper left quadrant is the Japanese lyric written in Japanese according to how it looked in the tiny print in the Guide Book. If you don't have Japanese fonts on your computer, you probably get something rather messy. If you switch your browser to Japanese encoding, it'll show up as neat little boxes. Still not helpful but if you need this translation, then it probably wouldn't have done you much good anyway. At least that spaces it properly. Speaking of which, this page really doesn't fit on a 640 x 480 screen very nicely but at higher resolutions, the translation lines get broken up.

The upper right quadrant shows the romanization of said lyric.

And finally, the second line shows a nearly direct translation of the line. I think it's close to accurate but if anyone wishes to dispute them, let me know.

Please do not distribute this around because, well, if anything needs changing, the last thing I want is to be haunted by my mistranslated notes floating around.

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