CF OVA title

Cosmic Fantasy OVA

Plot summary

Yuu and Saya have their first day off in a long time. They go shopping and spend time together. However, just as they are becoming romantic, they get an emergency call to rescue a distressed ship. When they arrive, they find Nyan's ship had simply broken down (again). It wasn't much of an emergency and Saya gets really mad at Nyan and to an extent, Yuu. It's always work first for him.

When there's suddenly an actual emergency (Cosmic Pirates), Saya is too upset to do her job and stays in her cabin. Nyan takes over navigation for Yuu and there's a small space battle. The pirate ship grabs onto the distressed ship. Yuu and Monmo board the distressed ship where they confront Beluga. She asks Yuu if he wants to be her partner and when Yuu refuses, she traps them in the ship with a proton bomb.

Yuu orders Mother to leave the area and Saya feels terrible that Yuu is in trouble and blames herself. Yuu uses his psychic power to protect himself and Monmo from the explosion but is knocked unconscious for a long time.

Saya blames herself for Yuu's condition and challenges Beluga to a duel in an abandoned area. Saya nearly wins but Beluga feigns surrender, then beats up on Saya with a cat-shaped mecha. Saya is in big trouble and psychically calls for Yuu. Yuu, still unconscious, actually begins to respond to her pleas. Beluga whips Saya and just when she's about to kill Saya, Yuu teleports in and protects the now-unconscious Saya. Beluga retreats to her mecha and tries to kill both Yuu and Saya but Yuu summons a large sword and blasts the mecha away.

And that's about it.


For some reason, I really expected it to be longer than the roughly 40 minutes that it is. I also assumed that since it was a one-shot deal, they'd have all of the main characters. I suppose they really couldn't come up with a decent script for so many characters, because they couldn't as it was. :\

Some of the scene changes are really rough and altogether, it doesn't flow well. As a Cosmic Fantasy fan, I can appreciate the good points and try to overlook the bad points. At least they have the theme song, Cosmic Fantasy, in here. It's a new rendition that's brassier and brighter. I like it.

Also, the show's intended audience was a bit unclear. There are a few times where it seems you're expected to know about the characters (the sword? From CF(1), is it?) and other times where they explain too much (the prelude). As such, the appeal is very low.


Animation: A- (Pretty good, fluid stuff.)
Art: B+ (Semi-inconsistent.)
Plot: F (Very disjointed and uninspired. They threw in a random "partial stripping" and some unnecessary bounces, and a mecha just to get an over-all CF feel, which doesn't fit well in such a short time span.  It's about three days?)
Dialogue: C (The translation had an effect on this, thanks Arctic. Oh, it was a bit cheesy at parts, even for CF.)
Sound: C- (Pretty dull. Includes a nice remix of the theme, though. :) )
Production values: C- (Misplaced priorities, also only focused on Yuu & Saya w/Monmo, Mother, Nyan. There is a complete group picture early on.)
Humour: B (Some hilarious scenes.)
Overall: C- (A normal person would think it's very stupid but not completely unenjoyable.)

SayaAh, full-screen Cosmic Fantasy animation.
Saya and YuuThe subtitle is for the girls chatting in the background about Yuu. I don't think they're visible in this shot.
The evil Beluga. Evil? Well, maybe.

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The front (308kb)
The back (296kb)

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