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Cosmic Fantasy Visual Collection

Cosmic Fantasy Visual Collection Vol. 1 (CD) was released 2/12/93 by Lasersoft for ¥4980.

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It includes all the cinemas from CF1 and CF2.  They're accessible through a simple interface. However, the interface doesn't let you choose specific cinemas. It has them all in order and you choose a point to start at. Then, it will continue on through the cinemas until you push a button. Run will interrupt the cinema and holding II will drop you back to the sub-menu.

After minutes of careful observation, I've found that some cinemas are in fact, enhanced. Not many of them but a few have a bit more animation.  I think only some from CF (1) have been enhanced. This is particularly noticeable in the ending to CF (1), where the timings of the scenes are slightly different and may have different-sized borders. The biggest change was that the characters actually blink and move their lips when they talk! I suspect the "Van being sent into the future" cinema from CF2 is also enhanced but I haven't checked yet.

The down side to these small enhancements is that they didn't spend much time on this product. At least, it doesn't seem like it. The synching is a lot looser than it appears in the actual games. But for a few pieces of new art and some slightly enhanced cinemas, it's not bad.

Main menuThis is the main menu. You get this after pressing run at the title screen.  This allows you to choose either CF1 or CF2. After this, you get the sub-menu, to choose your starting point.

This disc is not just the cinemas. In between them, a narrator talks about what's going on in the game. Also, every now and then, there are original pictures not found in the games themselves.

Here are some examples:
Monmo, Saya, Sylph, and YuuMonmo, Saya, Sylph, and Yuu. (CF1)
Annie and VanAnnie and Van. (CF2)

Also, the title screen has these little pictures of the main characters cycle by:

Mad at Nyan...Unfortunately, this disc doesn't use the original credits. It instead uses its own credits and plays "Nyan no Uta." Interspersed with the credits, they show Monmo, Saya, and Yuu in various stages of undress. It's pretty comedic because Nyan's the one taking the pictures and here everyone is, pretty mad at Nyan...Just before they get revenge on him...
I've discovered that these pictures are most of those found in the "Character Index," which is right after the "Fin" screen in CF (1).

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