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Cosmic Fantasy 3

CF3: Adventure Boy Rei was released by Lasersoft on 9/25/92 for ¥7600.

Telenet scans
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New project: as I'm translating CF3, I'm also teaching myself how to write Interactive Fiction using Inform. So, here is the super-preliminary "Cosmic Fantasy 3 IF version .003." I'll probably break it out into its own page, assuming it gets off the ground.

Cosmic Fantasy goes Super CD!
Eh? There's no opening animation. You have to start the game before you see any of the very nice animation in . All you get is a voice saying "Cosmic Fantasy 3: Boken Shonen Rei" (reproduced here as a 29.6KB mono RealAudio recording), the title screen, and the theme song. This game is the first one with the official theme song, which is called "Cosmic Fantasy" (available on the Cosmic Fantasy Music Page!)Pikku, Van, Rim, and Dandy This song is sung by the same voice actress that does Yuu's voice, Minami Takayama. At first I didn't like it, but it's grown on me.

Let's see...Van was born in CC, 0055. Since in CF2, he was 16, if he time travelled 20 years into the future, that'd be CC, 0091. (That makes Rim 15. Gee... How old do you have to be to be a Cosmic Hunter, anyway?) Let's assume a year passed for Van to train to be a Cosmic Hunter. So, this game partially takes place in CC, 0092 and partially in CC, 0067.

Rei The major focus of the game is on Rei, who is Van's senior by 4 years, and his adventures on his home planet of Aila. However, the story bounces back to the present in cinema 4 so we can keep up with the latest antics of our favorite Cosmic Hunters. The cinema opens with Galdo, talking with his boss, Heredoreku, seemingly at his headquarters in an asteroid. Just after they're done talking, one of his lackeys tells him there are Cosmic Hunters coming. Yes, Algernon and Little Fox are attacking! At this point, we all begin to wonder: "Why is Van piloting Little Fox???" (At Galdo and Heredoreku least, it looks like he is.) Then, we follow Yuu and Saya (and perhaps Nyan, I forget). Eventually, they reach Galdo and discover Van, Rim, and Pikku have all been captured! After soundly thrashing Yuu and friends, Galdo (using his giant mecha, Guldion) picks Saya up.Kilkenny and Saya At this point, a giant orange vehicle, Kilkenny, crashes in through the wall and everyone pauses to wonder who/what it is. It transforms into cat mode and rescues Saya. The pilot opens the hatch and it's (surprise!) Nyan. He then frees Van, Pikku, and Rim, and destroys Guldion. Galdo flees back in time about 25 years (I'm making a reasonable guess) and Yuu takes the Kilkenny and follows. As Kilkenny can only accomodate 1 humanoid/cat at a time, Saya is upset at this, but she lets him go. We then behold the first use of Telenet's wavy screen technique in a CF game! We'll see it lots more. (It was also used in Valis IV.)

Back to Rei. He and Nyan escape from Purakkii, Gorokkii, and Chorokkii. (Purakkii is the cat with the top hat, Gorokkii is the large orange cat with the eye patch and the cute little blue kitten in the sailor suit is Chorokkii.) Those are the three cats that were pursuing Nyan in the 1st cinema that I failed to mention earlier. It seems Nyan has some magic stones they want. The reason why they want them will be revealed later. Nyan eventually finds a spaceship-Silver Mouse. They go and explore it, against Rei's wishes and meet the owners of the ship, Mai and Daigo, in a most interesting way. Daigo is an ace pilot and Mai is his younger sister. Well, I've just gone through the first half of the cinemas in the game. I'll just say the next one is about Yuu and he's thinking about his parents, when they had to go away. (Either Yuu left, or his parents left. I'm not sure.) As a going away present, they gave him a robot cat-Monmo!
Rei The gameplay looks quite different from CF2. So, here's a page about the gameplay.

The ending is rather long and continues through the credits. The ending theme is "Nyan no Uta" ("Nyan's Song").
A really cool extra is the Cosmic Fantasy Official Guide Book. In it, there's some really awesome artwork and little bios of the characters listing such info as birthdates and measurements. They also have pics of the voice actors and how they make a cinema and Japanese lyrics to the songs and sketches and technical specifications for the vehicles. It's worth getting simply for that, if you're a Cosmic Fantasy Fan. Darkcats

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Gee. I tried to get the pictures to relate to the words they were near. Really! The pic to the right is Purakkii's ship, "Darkcats."

Oh, by the way, if you try to run the game with a regular System Card, it displays this picture of Nyan.