火 - 4月 17, 2007


Here's a missing picture.

It's Melanie, reading in her room...I was drawing today and I remembered I'd drawn this picture, so I wanted to use it as reference for where her bed, desk, and window are. I hunted through the Nest, but strangely, I couldn't find it. Looking through my Painter files, I found the original image.

I knew I must have posted it on FDN: CGA. It's a numbered image...#8. But nope, nowhere. I must have overlooked it. It's not so amazing...the original sketch was done on 04/11/25, then I finished it on 05/02/11, which is the same day I finished #9. Anyway, here it is. =_=

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Continue? Yes

Oh. I thought it was game over. I usually don't like to continue, but in this case, I'd better make an exception. Right?

You mustn't let your fighting spirit go out. Soldier on.

Also, I tried to run iBlog 2.0RC, but it failed to import "Fred Duck Talks." I'll try to make an update in FDT and then reimport.

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日 - 3月 25, 2007

The End

Just a quick note. Since I've lost any reason or will to do anything creative, I will probably not get anything done, ever. Just figured I'd mention. Sorry.

FDN: CGA will likely continue to be updated for the near future, at least.

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火 - 11月 28, 2006


I was talking with a friend of mine the other week. Let's call him Gareth. We were discussing art and he asked me a simple question...do I have fun when I draw?

I was surprised at such a simple question. Of course, sometimes I do, but oftentimes...unfortunately...no. ah, sometimes the obvious things are so easily overlooked. But I then sketched a nice little pencil drawing of Kain. I like the feel of the lines.

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木 - 9月 28, 2006


It's Kim in pen with watercolour! Woot!

No special reason. Just felt like it.

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火 - 8月 22, 2006

Define "Complete"

Yeah...so...I'm drawing Alicia. And I wonder, gee! How old is she, anyway? And so, I open my complete character list and pull up her entry.

Nothing found. Huh? I redefine my search.

Nope. Nada. (Note: I don't have a character named Nada.)

There's something very wrong if I have Aldynes but not Alicia. Aldynes was created on 03/06/12 in a small snippet of story about Alex. However, I never drew him until 04/12/28, at which point I gave him his trademark trenchcoat over black.

Alicia, on the other hand...well, she first appears in the FDN: CGA gallery on 98/06/12 Although she was definitely created before that time, in '97 or perhaps even '96. Anyway, I've added a card for her. But sheesh, this blog has been about this writing project and Alicia is a definite part of it...you'd think I'd've noticed at least in '03 when this thing was started!

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金 - 6月 30, 2006

Stupid Adverts

I just got an e-mail from someone saying that when loading Fred Duck's Nest, they get a warning message. So, I figured out it was because they were going through my home.v3.com redirector, which had been redirecting people to FDN from the address "http://go.to/fredduck/" to wherever it happens to be hosted at the moment. (Comcast right now.)

So, I'm trying to avoid using that go.to address until they stop with the nonsensical adverts-masquerading as windows error messages. I have an ad-blocker running that stripped the image away from the ad, so I never saw it until I turned it off just now. It's pretty darn annoying. >_<

Un-pretty address, here we come!

And happy Canadia Day to anyone from Canadia.

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金 - 6月 9, 2006

A new era

I am now the proud owner of a Wacom Favo Bluetooth. This is the same as the Wacom Graphire Bluetooth except that the bundle is different: it has truly lousy software, no mouse, and a Bluetooth USB adapter. My PowerBook doesn't need external Bluetooth and I could really use the mouse, but I went with the Favo anyway. I notice that the Favo doesn't say Favo on it. Anywhere. O_O

Good news; I can use my old Graphire mouse with the Favo. However, I now know why my Graphire is so horribly scratched up. The mouse did it. Luckily, I had the foresight to keep the clear plastic shipping sheet for the Favo and put that on top of the tablet so my mouse can scratch the hell out of that instead of the tablet itself. :D

Going from a 4" x 5" (A6) tablet to a 6" x 8" (A5) tablet is quite a jump. I played around last night and found my line work is very different now, sometimes in a good way, as I have more fine control, but also in a bad way as long strokes are now even longer, which means they are also shakier for me. :| But, I'll keep practicing. Maybe I'll be able to produce something for next week..?

Since the FDN: CGA gallery picture on 98/07/24 Is the first to say I used Painter Classic instead of photoshop, that leads me to believe I got my original Graphire tablet at about that time. But I don't know for certain because the Page Notes page for that timeframe (#3) is missing. Of course, it's the only one missing, too.

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火 - 4月 25, 2006

1/4 of a step

I sat down and scribbled out what appears to be about a fourth of a page. But it seems to be a quality fourth of a page. The major problem I have at the moment, other than not feeling like writing, is that I don't know exactly when I want to start the story. I have the first bit semi-mapped out, although now, I'm consciously thinking about where to put cliffhanger things.

Some of what I thought about today conflicts with notes I've got written, but I don't know if I should reconcile them in the future, or just pick one way now.

I kind of wish I knew exactly what I was thinking about this project when I started years ago, because I knew there was a plan for POV and things. I think on the whole, things remain largely the same, though.

To write a description of Alicia, I looked at her CGs. But Alicia's CD...is it any good anymore? It certainly looks strange enough, but do I really want to use something like that? The major idea was to use some overalls-type thing, but I also wanted a skirt. Such a skirt/overalls thing actually exists, but I've never seen one in real life, so I don't know how it would really look. :\

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木 - 4月 13, 2006

Search Engines

For reasons unknown, Fred Duck's Nest has fallen off Google. On the other hand, this page and 2 random Links pages are in Yahoo!

I don't understand. Ah, well.

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月 - 3月 27, 2006

Another picture redone

I was playing around with a few characters today and remembered I hadn't drawn Erin in a while, so I looked at reference materials, one of which was her 1st CG . I thought, "How ugly this picture is!" and decided to redraw it. So, here we go. Again.

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日 - 3月 26, 2006


Yes, I've started a new project, this time with someone else, who shall be named at a later time. Assuming this gets off the ground.

Here's a quick look at the principals:

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火 - 2月 28, 2006

Busy, busy

Today, I drew Lyric, Mark, Fen, Jäne, Amy, and Jason. I also started 2 more CGs and 2 more titles.

I have no idea how this keeps happening, but I was using an old pic of Amy as a colour reference. There, her hair is blue. But her official profile says green. >_< Why why why?????


Oh. The colouring chart claims azure.

I just added green to it and saved. >_< I shoulda kept the original, too.

<changes official profile>

In any case, this is too dark...

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木 - 1月 19, 2006


So, I was listening to "Laurentio and the rain" by Manuel Karasek, from its reading on the Mercedes-Benz Text Tracks free MP3 series. I don't get it.

Maybe it makes sense to some, or ends in a way that is satisfying, but I don't understand it at all. Maybe this is why I don't read any modern short fiction.

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日 - 1月 15, 2006

Based on a true person...

I saw a girl wearing a brown shirt over a kind of dress shirt thing at Chili's one night. I thought it looked nice, so I wanted to draw it. But I didn't get a chance for 3 weeks. So...here's my attempt, which I finally cranked out in a couple minutes today. What is it, a 20 minute sketch?
I'm really not sure how it looked so much anymore...but I think it was something like that. Kain practically always wears dress shirts, so she gets to be my model. :P

Being unsure if I should have the white shirt's sleeves rolled up or not, I decided to do one of each, which totally doesn't work. ;)

Meanwhile, looking back at my last picture of her (for Thanksgiving), I'm appalled by it. >_<

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